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About Us

Safe Harbor Financial Planning is a small, independent, full-service company offering high-quality financial services to individuals, families and businesses.  We strive to provide our clients with an exceptional level of personal service and to instill a sense of confidence and well-being in their financial lives.  To achieve these objectives we've structured the firm to provide the following: 

  • Comprehensive Planning - we address every area of your financial situation including cash flow management, retirement planning, college funding, tax management, insurance needs, and estate planning.
  • Fiduciary Relationship - we abide by the NAPFA fiduciary oath, which obligates us to provide the highest possible level of service and to work only in your interests.  
  • Fee Only Billing - we maintain our objectivity and fierce independence by refusing to accept commissions or fees from insurance or mutual fund companies. 
  • Convenience - we arrange meetings based on your schedule, including on nights and weekends, and travel to your home or office (anywhere in the NYC metro area).  We work with your accountant, broker, and other professionals to handle most of your time-consuming financial chores. 
  • No Risk - if you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, we will gladly refund your entire planning fee.

As a financial fiduciary, we sell nothing but objective financial advice and we accept no commissions from brokerage firms or insurance companies. Our recommendations are specifically tailored to meet our client's individual needs; we don't use canned solutions or "rule-of-thumb" shortcuts.    


Our Services:

Financial Planning—

Would you like to retire in style?  Send your children to the top universities?  Change careers, start a business, or retire early?  Or maybe just get a good night's sleep?

Once we’ve discussed your goals, we’ll develop a plan to help you achieve them.

The planning process will focus on all areas of your financial situation and will develop a course of action to help you identify and achieve your most important financial objectives. 

Comprehensive financial planning includes: 

  • Defining your goals,
  • Analyzing your existing situation,
  • Creating a plan that considers all the financial aspects of your objectives,
  • Assisting you in implementing the recommendations,
  • Periodically reviewing and revising the plan to adjust for changes in the financial environment and your goals.

Based on your personal goals and objectives, and supported by information regarding your assets, liabilities, retirement plans, insurance coverage, and special needs, we prepare a comprehensive financial plan.  Analyzing this information allows us to tailor the plan to your specific needs and to recommend a course of action that encompasses all areas relevant to your situation, including: 

  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Income Tax Management
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Other Specific Needs 

Investment Management Services—

We offer investment management services once a comprehensive plan has been completed. We develop a customized investment plan based on your specific objectives and needs.  Our service includes asset allocation (target mix over different investment classes), investment selection, monitoring, reporting, and regular rebalancing.

We open the necessary brokerage and mutual fund accounts and, upon your approval, implement the portfolio recommendations. We rebalance each client portfolio regularly to ensure that the recommended asset allocation mix is adhered to, thus controlling risk.  We work on a non-discretionary basis, meaning that you approve any and all changes to the portfolio prior to the changes being implemented.

Our Investment Philosophy—

We take a value-oriented, long-term approach to investing. We do not try to time or otherwise "beat" the market.  We customize an investment plan based on your objectives, time horizon, ability to tolerate risk, and financial situation. Most investments are made through low-cost mutual funds and similar cost-effective vehicles.

Our approach typically results in lower overall costs for continuous professional management, while assuring clients of our complete objectivity.


Our Fees:

Financial Planning projects are usually billed on a fixed fee basis determined by the scope and complexity of the work.  Smaller projects and consultations will be billed by the hour.  Annual retainer fees are available.  We are happy to discuss other fee arrangements that meet your specific needs.

Investment Management annual fees are based on the size of the portfolio, calculated as follows:

FromToAnnual Fee
$0$500,0001.00 %
$500,001$1,000,0000.75 %
$1,000,001$3,000,0000.50 %
$3,000,001and up0.33 %

Investment management services include access to Steve Copeland and regular updates to the financial plan.  The investment management fees are negotiable. 

We offer an introductory meeting at no charge. If you are then interested in retaining us, we agree upon a fee arrangement and set up a second meeting, during which we analyze in detail your goals, time horizons and risk profile.