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Planning Updates

Safe Harbor Financial Planning is a Fee-Only financial advisory firm located in Bronxville NY and serving the NYC tri-state area. For more information, see About Us.

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To Bit or Not to Bit: What Should Investors Make of Bitcoin Mania?

(Note:  as of 1/17/18, Bitcoin prices have dropped about 50% in five weeks.)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage, prompting many investors to wonder whether these new types of electronic money deserve a place in their portfolios. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin emerged only in the past decade. Unlike traditional money, no paper notes or metal coins are involved. No central bank issues the currency, and no regulator or nation state stands behind it.  Read More

Key Questions for the Long-Term Investor

Whether you’ve been investing for decades or are just getting started, at some point on your investment journey you’ll likely ask yourself some of the questions below. Trying to answer these questions may be intimidating, but know that you’re not alone. Your financial advisor is here to help. While this is not intended to be an exhaustive list it will hopefully shed light on a few key principles, using data and reasoning, that may help improve investors’ odds of investment success in the long run.  Read More

Near-Retirees Overestimating Withdrawal Needs

Dimensional Fund Advisors, March 2016

Many pre-retirees have unrealistic ideas about how much they will be able to withdraw for living expenses after entering retirement.  As retirees shift their focus from accumulating assets to creating an ongoing stream of income, many are not prepared to start planning from a new vantage point. This lack of perspective may explain why, according to a recent survey, many retirees anticipate making annual withdrawals that are too large, and run the risk of outliving their assets.  Read More